Welcome to the Charm!

Welcome to The Charm, where we are endlessly serving horticulture for the soul.

Did you know a group of hummingbirds is called a charm and that they are of symbols for joy & happiness? They bring reminders to enjoy the small things in life. Each of our products at The Hummynbirds are selected and curated with the intention of radical self care that carries the energy of love, healing & joy. Serving horticulture for the soul is what we aim to do. Whether bringing positivity in the home through crystals as personal décor, providing spiritual tools, incense to cleanse your space, setting intention with a candle, or hitting reset on the energy within through bath salts & mists. We have what you need to keep your vibrations high!

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Manifestation Herbal Smudge Candles

Manifestation Herbal Smudge Candles

This collaborative collection was created by Saajida of Liquid Gold Apothecs &...