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The Hummynbirds

Manifestation Herbal Smudge Candles

Manifestation Herbal Smudge Candles

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1. Breathe is scented with a sappy woodsy white birch, an herby & bright white sage & finished with a delicate floral tone from lavender. 

Lavender, Birch & White Sage are traditionally used for protection, renewal & purification, illumination & new beginnings. 

Breathe is adorned with Amazonite (Peace & Harmony), Amethyst (Intuition, Calmness & Protection) & Fluorite (Focus, Clarity & Confidence)

2. Spirit is scented with woodsy fruity black currants & sweet musky jasmine flowers. 

Black currants have traditionally been used to help overcome fear. Jasmine is called “The Queen of The Night.” They're sweetness is said to attract love & prosperity & awaken sensuality. 

Spirit is adorned with Rose Quartz (Heart Healing & Trust) & Green Fluorite (Emotional Healing & Evolution) 

3. Warmth is scented with a spice blend ginger, anise, cardamom, vanilla and nutmeg & Nag Champa. 

Nag Champa is a traditional Indian blend of Sandalwood (a holy wood believed to bring us closer to spirit) & Frangipani (a tropical flower used to overcome challenges.) The warm spices combine prosperity, purification & protection energy. 

Warmth is dressed with Pyrite (Prosperity & Protection) & Sunstone (Motivation, Confidence & Creativity)

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